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Full payment must be made in advance to activate the service. We accept payment via credit card (Visa and MasterCard), cheque, money orders and direct deposit.
If you would prefer to pay via credit card please fill in the section below otherwise, we will forward you our account details so you can pay via direct deposit.
Cheques and money orders can be posted to PO Box 645, Mt Gambier SA 5290 (Australia)

Method of payment

Terms and conditions
Please read through the terms and conditions listed below to proceed

Terms and Conditions
Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before using Keeping You Posted (KYP). By signing this agreement you are accepting the terms and conditions of this contract. "You” means the applicants who sign this application.

KYP is a mail redirection service offered to the travelling community to keep them connected with their mail. Under no circumstances will KYP knowingly accept, forward or be held responsible for any illegal, dangerous, stolen, damaged or hazardous mail belonging to or being sent to you. KYP has the right to refuse delivery of such items and cancel the contract immediately with no refund applicable. At all times it is your responsibility to ensure that this type of mail is not forwarded to KYP.

It is your responsibility to choose an appropriate contractual package. At anytime you can ‘upgrade’ packages by simply advising us and paying the difference in fees. If you wish to ‘downgrade’ your contractual package then you can do so by providing KYP with 30 days written notice. The difference in fees between the two packages will be added to your mail float, less a 20% ‘downgrading’ processing fee.

Payment is required in full and in advance of your departure. This includes payment for the number of months required by the applicable monthly fee plus the mail float indicated. Only once payment has been received in full will you be provided with a unique customer number, website user login and password. We commence charging our fees upon the arrival of your first piece of mail at our office.
Packages are based on calendar months not weeks. For example if you sign up for 6 months on 1 June and the first piece of mail arrived on 4 June, the contract would end on 4 December.
If you wish to extend the contractual period you can do so at anytime by simply advising us of the extension required and sending us the applicable fees. Once payment has been received, the new contractual end date will be updated.

Mail Float
Your ‘mail float’ is used to pay the costs incurred to send you your mail. These costs will vary each time depending on the location, amount of mail and how quickly you require the mail. Every attempt will be made by KYP to forward the mail by the most cost effective method. Forwarding costs will be deducted from your mail float each time mail is sent. A $2 sending fee is charged by KYP each time KYP send mail (not for each item).
In addition, the mail float is used to cover incidental costs such as faxing, emailing or uploading documents onto the KYP website, as instructed by you. At anytime, you can request a ‘mail float’ activity balance statement and KYP will provide one. At the end of each month, statements will be posted under your user login on the KYP website. When your ‘mail float’ reduces to $15, KYP will contact you to ‘top up’ the float to its original balance. Until this balance is topped up, mail may be delayed.

Forwarding Mail to KYP
It is your responsibility to arrange to have all mail forwarded to KYP. KYP takes no responsibility for mail that does not arrive at its office. Once mail is received at KYP, it will be receipted and stored. At anytime you can contact KYP to find out what mail is being stored.
KYP will only accept two (2) applicant names per contract, unless the other parties are immediately related, i.e. Children. Couples travelling together who have different originating addresses must sign up on separate applications. No mail can be opened unless it is in the name of the applicant.

Forwarding Mail to Customers
If mail is requested to be sent to you KYP will send the mail via the most cost effective method available, unless specifically instructed otherwise by you. Mail sent by KYP is not normally sent via registered or express post unless specifically instructed by you to do so. Mail lost in transit is not the responsibility of KYP, however KYP will endeavour to locate the lost items through Australia Post.
Mail will be stored at KYP until you request mail to be forwarded and you provide KYP with a forwarding address. Until such time KYP will continue to store your mail. Subject to the cancellation of this contract.
You can advise KYP where to send your mail via SMS, fax, email or via the website. SMS – 0478 597 090 Fax – 02 9437 2581 Email – Website –

Website Information
Scanned mail will stay on the KYP website for 45 days at which time it will be removed. You may request to have items re-uploaded onto the website, under your user account at anytime, however charges will apply for this service. You authorise KYP to open your mail for the purpose of scanning it and placing it on your KYP login.

KYP will ensure that mail stored on their website is adequately protected. KYP have installed encryption software onto its website to try and prevent data stored and sent on the internet being viewed by unauthorised third parties. However, KYP cannot guarantee that all data being stored or sent on its website will not be subject to access by unauthorised third parties. KYP accepts no responsibility for mail that is accessed by unauthorised third parties.

If option three (3) is selected or written instructions given, KYP will scan both sides of each item of mail. ‘Blank’ pages will not be scanned. Only the first page, or a subsequent relevant page, of a magazine, brochure, flyer, any marketing material or bound items will be scanned onto the online system. You can view these items online and may choose to have all subsequent pages scanned or alternatively you may choose to have these items forwarded.
With option three (3) you are entitled to 30 pages (single) of scanned mail per month included in your monthly fee. All single pages after this are charged at 50c per page, deductable from your mail float.
All mail viewed online has the option to be recycled. Mail will not be recycled unless written instructions from you are forwarded to KYP instructing us to do so.
It is your responsibility to advise KYP of any mail you specifically do not want KYP to open. You can do this by completing the “Option 3 Application Mail Details” form provided on the last page of this contract. You can update this form at anytime during the contract however you must do so in writing.

If option three (3) is selected or written instructions are given to open your mail, you consent to KYP opening your mail.

KYP will store all your personal details securely and will not on sell any of these details. KYP respects your privacy and will only use the information in order to contact you about your mail or services offered by KYP.

Not withstanding your rights under the ‘Fair Trading Act or other Law’clause in this agreement, you indemnify and hold KYP harmless from and against any and all claims, demands, actions, proceedings/or causes of action, and all damages, liabilities, costs or expenses (including legal expenses) relating to or arising from the provision of the services by KYP.

Force Majeure
KYP will not be held liable for any loss, damage or delay arising out of, or be in default of its obligations by reason or the inability to perform its obligations under this contract for any reason that is beyond its control including but not limited to power failure, strikes, labour disputes, war, shortage of materials or transportation, government regulation, fire or Acts of God.

Law and Jurisdiction
The law of W.A. governs this contract. The parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of W.A. governing this contract and any courts, which may hear appeals from those courts in respect of any proceedings in connection with this contract.

Fair Trading Act or other Law
None of the provisions in this agreement prevents or prohibits you from exercising your rights under the Fair Trading Act 1987 or any other relevant legislation

At the end of your contract, all mail being stored will be returned to an address nominated by you. If you do not provide KYP with an address, KYP will send the mail back to the address listed on this contract.
You may cancel this service at anytime however you must do so in writing and give KYP 30 days notice of your intention to do so. KYP will refund paid monies for unused months of service, less a 40% cancellation fee.
The option terms and instructions on how mail is to be forwarded and to where, are set out on the website and form part of this contract.

Please acknowledge your acceptance of the above terms and conditions
Applicant (1) I agree to the T&C's
Applicant (2) I agree to the T&C's

Option 3 Additional Information
Please list here any mail items that you do not want KYP to automatically open and scan the contents of. Any mail listed below will simply have the envelope scanned onto the website for you to view.

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