How it Works

Step 1. Sign up and redirect your mail to us.

This step is a two part process to determine;

  • What your future mailing requirements will be and
  • How you will get your mail to us!

Firstly, everyone’s mail requirements are different so we have three (3) options available for you to choose from. Our options range from simply receiving, storing and forwarding your mail to you ‘where ever’ you are to receiving, opening and scanning the contents of your mail onto our secure website for you to access 24/7.

Regardless of which package you choose once you become a member of Keeping You Posted you will receive a unique customer number. This number must be quoted on all your mail. Your new address will be:

Your name
Your customer number
C/o Keeping You Posted
PO Box 645
Mt Gambier SA 5290

For more information on the packages available please refer to our options page on the website.

The second part of this step is working out the best way for you to get your mail to us. Again, the best method for you will depend on your current situation and your travel arrangements. Some options available are;

  • Use Australia Post’s mail redirection service to direct your mail to us!
  • Advise, by either writing or calling, all family, friends and service providers of your new forwarding address. (i.e. our address!)
  • Simply start using our address on all your correspondence. (This option is best if you don’t currently have a fixed address)

Once these steps have been completed your membership will be set up however, it will not become active until your first piece of mail arrives at our offices. Which is great news as it means you can get your mailing requirements organised a-head-of-time and only start paying for the service when you actually travel away from home.

Step 2. Go travelling, relocate to Australia or work away from home.

Basically this heading says it all! You get on with your life and let us keep you connected with your mail.

Step 3. We receive and store your mail securely, then notify you of its arrival.

As stated in step one only once your first piece of mail arrives, at our offices, does your contract start.

Mail is received daily, where it is receipted and numerically coded for your record. The membership option you selected will determine what we do with your mail from here.

For example if you selected Option 1 you will be notified by email that mail has arrived at our offices for you. You can then log onto our website and see a list of all the mail we have at our offices for you. Alternatively, you can call us and we can tell you over the phone what mail you have.

If you selected Option 2 you will also be notified by email that mail has arrived at our offices for you. You too can then log onto our website to see what mail has arrived for you. You will be able to see scanned pictures of the envelopes your mail arrived in and have the ability to individually tell us what to do with each item.

If you selected Option 3 you will also be notified by email that mail has arrived at our offices for you. You too can then log onto our website to see what mail has arrived for you. However, when you log on, you will be able to see the actual contents of your mail. We will open and scan your mail onto our website for you to log in and view online, 24/7. This option gives you complete accessibility to your mail anytime, anywhere.

Incoming mail is updated on our website daily.

Step 4. You tell us what to do with your mail.

Once you know what mail has arrived at our offices for you, you have several options. You can have us send all your mail to you, ‘where ever’ you are, just as long as you supply us with your next forwarding address! Or you can select to have any or all of your mail opened and scanned onto the website to access 24/7. Alternatively if you have received ‘junk mail’ you can opt for it to be recycled. It’s completely up to you – you tell us the most convenient way to keep you connected to your mail!

That’s it, it’s that simple!

  • Travelling?
  • Working away from home?
  • Relocating to Australia?

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